Business Migration to Canada

Business Migration to Canada

To Canada

Bangladeshi Business Owners who want to migrate to Canada from Bangladesh with dependent family members can apply to a number of economic class immigration programs and be eligible to get Canadian Permanent Residency and Citizenship. The IRCC is offering many types of migration programs and Work Permits for business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs that are suitable for Bangladeshi businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Each program has its own eligibility requirements. The Canadian Business Immigration Program intends to build up new opportunities in Canadian markets, by welcoming those who have the skills and business experience to help grow it. These programs are planned to help encourage and develop the Canadian economy by attracting businesspersons, investors, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed.

Most Popular Business Migration Programs for Bangladeshi Business Owners and Senior Managers

1. Canada Investor Visa – Migrate to Canada by Making an investment in Canada

The Investor Programs are for the people who can show higher net worth. This kind of program can offer Direct Canadian Permanent Residency under easy conditions. Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is one of the popular Investor Programs which offer direct PR. Other provinces like New Brunswick also offer Permanent Residency to business investors.

2. Entrepreneur Programs 

British Columbia (BC) Entrepreneur Base Program, British Columbia Pilot Program, Ontario Entrepreneur Program, Nova Scotia Entrepreneur, Saskatchewan (SINP) Entrepreneur Program, and many more Canada PNP Business Immigration Programs:

Most business owners in Bangladesh are interested in this program as the requirements can be met very easily. The applicant must have a net worth of at least $300,000 and should be interested and be able to establish, invest in or acquire a business in Canada. The easy option for business owners in Bangladesh would be to lodge a visa application under the British Columbia (BC) Entrepreneur Base or Pilot Program, Ontario Entrepreneur Program, Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Program, or other Entrepreneur Visa Programs. These programs invite successful applicants and issue them Work Permits to start businesses in Canada.

Basic Requirements for Canada Entrepreneur Program:

  • Business Experience: At least 3 to 5 Years’ Successful Business Experience
  • Net worth: The applicant must demonstrate a high net worth
  • Business Turnover: Business should have a good annual turnover although this is not mandatory in some programs.
  • IELTS: You must have an English score, depending on Provincial requirements

3. Federal Business Immigration (Fast-Track) – The fastest way to migrate to Canada from Bangladesh

This program is open and accepting applications. The program will issue Canadian Business Work Permit to Business Owners who wish to expand their local businesses to Canada and create a clear pathway to get Canadian Permanent Residency. This program is one of the easiest programs that allows businessmen, entrepreneurs, and senior managers to migrate to Canada with a work permit from Bangladesh. If you are looking to settle in Canada faster then this is the only program you can consider. There are certain eligibility factors that will be discussed by the immigration consultants at Legato Immigration and Visa Consultants, Dhaka.

Basic Requirements for Federal Business Immigration:

  • Age: No age limits
  • Education: No Education Requirement
  • Business or Managerial Experience: At least 3 years
  • Annual Turn Over: Your Company or Business must have a good annual turn over with good profit report
  • Assets: You must demonstrate higher net worth
  • Investment: No fixed investment requirements

4. Self-Employed Program – Migrate to Canada from Bangladesh as Self-Employed:

This program is for individuals who are capable of creating their own employment. People who can demonstrate sufficient skills from any of the following fields can apply to this program.

  • authors and writers,
    • creative and performing artists,
    • musicians,
    • painters,
    • sculptors and other visual artists,
    • technical support and other jobs in motion pictures,
    • creative designers and
    • craftspeople.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Can I immigrate to Canada from Bangladesh as a business owner?

Canadian Government offers many types of Business Work Permit Programs that can help you as to migrate to Canada from Bangladesh with your family


How much money do you need to immigrate to Canada as a Businessman in Bangladesh?

Each province has its own requirements. Some Canadian Provinces operate Entrepreneur programs which require fixed minimum investments after visa approvals. Some other program made this requirement very flexible.


Can I get PR in Canada by buying a business?

Canada does not allow anyone to avail direct Permanent Residency by JUST buying a business or purchasing a real estate property.


Is Canada Quebec Investor Program (Direct PR) open?

Currently this program is not available


Can I buy Canada Citizenship?

No, you can’t