About Us


Pioneer Immigration Service Ltd is an Immigration and Education Agent that is strongly committed to consistently providing world-class expert services in education, migration visas, overseas business establishment, and resettlement. We provide help and advice to our clients who pursue their visa applications for migration, citizenship, and study abroad. We believe that transparency and legitimate visa processing are fundamental rights and everyone should have access to quality service from Pioneer. With this view in mind, we strive to create opportunities for genuine aspirations and honest intentions, who seek an excellent quality of every aspect of the services that we provide. We work in the best interest of both clients/students and our partner institution – Pioneer family always believe in professionalism and reliability as well as we observe ethical, moral, and personal values to maintain high standards in our work.

Why Choose Pioneer Immigration ?

Expert Counselor

Pioneer Immigration expert counselors are equipped with knowledge and experience in getting migration visas, overseas business establishments, and international students accepted into institutions abroad. Our counselor is well capable of providing essential information about the program you choose and creating a pathway for your further career.

We Uphold Your Privacy

In the process of obtaining your visa, questions may be involving your family, employment status, medical condition, or legal records that require privacy. Pioneer Immigration is always adamant to provide a safe environment that protects your privacy and confidentiality. Your private information remains safe in our hands.

We Serve From Heart

We don’t only serve our clients; we see the clear path of the opportunities with them. Since we see our client’s dream as our mission we dive into the process of success with our heart and soul. Our services are continually evolving to support our clients through to graduation and beyond.

A-Z Service

We help our clients in order to complete all the requirements set by the organizations in order to obtain a successful visa. Our expert counselor can help you check which requirements are still needed and make sure your application is complete before it’s submitted.

personalized service

As registered immigration consultants we provide personalized service with all the details are taken care of, whereas the instruction guide online will only give you generic instruction with no consideration in the immigration law aspect. Personalized service also includes good suggestions or advice from your consultant about visa and settlement services abroad.